The textile and technical data of ENKA® Viscose together with its quality consistency make ENKA yarns the first choice of quality-oriented and efficient highly productive lining weavers. For decades, ENKA cooperates with the leading European silk weavers.

Linings made of ENKA® Viscose provide an ideal technical solution for demanding garment makers. By choosing different textile fabric constructions and colour varieties, linings can help to set a course in fashion, which may even upgrade the whole garment.

Besides the fashion aspect, linings made of ENKA® Viscose have an important technical function in classical garments, such as suits, costumes, coats, jackets and uniforms, and lead to a sense of well feeling when wearing the garment.

Due to the low electrostatic charging, the lining doesn’t “cling, climb or crawl”, when the wearer puts the garment on or off. And thanks to the hygroscopic properties of viscose, the lining is providing a temperature-regulating effect inside the garment: the lining “cools” at higher temperatures and “warms” at lower temperatures.
This effect – we call it the climate-balancing effect – will be felt by the wearer of the garment: Just give it a try! You will immediately feel the difference, when a garment does not come with a viscose lining!