Use and after-use

ENKA® Viscose is mainly used for textile enduses, but also in technical applications. All ENKA yarns fulfil the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I & Appendix 6 (Z1.0.0541) und are suitable for babies’ clothing.

ENKA’s direct and indirect customers – textile fabric producers, twisters, dye-houses, printers as well as the garment industry – are also obliged to follow the principles of sustainability and follow their own guidelines, which are updated and amended from time to time.

Studies regarding the environmental impact of textiles have shown, that the energy and water consumption of washing and drying of garments reaches a multiple of the energy and water, which is used in the different process steps in the making of garments. Following this, one can consider the use phase of garments to be the main factor impacting the responsible use of our resources. Room for improvement can be seen in the following areas: re-use of materials, washing and care of garments, air transport and water treatment.

ENKA® Viscose is a natural polymer and is manufactured from a natural, renewable resource. It is 100 % biological degradable.