Our viscose originates from nature. Its raw material is generated from indigenous soft wood. These fast growing trees are very common and grown in sustainable forestry according to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards. After 20 years, long before the regular forestry use, the first selective harvest can start.

The cellulose fiber material is separated from the wood and dissolved at ENKA’s premises in a time-consuming chemical process into a honey-coloured spinning solution with a defined viscosity. In the subsequent wet spinning process, such spinning solution is further processed through hair-thin spinning nozzles, stretched and winded up in filament bundles on spools.

As we are only manufacturing endless yarns, the single filaments have to provide constant quality parameters in terms of fineness, tenacity and dye affinity over thousands of kilometres.

All our filaments are washed, dryed and twisted and undergo further textile aftertreatment process steps, before ENKA’s yarns are ready for sale in different make-ups. The whole manufacturing process from the raw material cellulose to the finished ENKA® Viscose yarn takes several weeks.